Short Term Loans

Short Term Cash Loans

Looking for the best no-hassle, fast cash loans today?  Whether you are an individual who needs money right away to cover emergency expenses (we’ve all been there!). Or a business trying to offset a temporary cash flow shortage.  Short term loans can build the bridge from financial disaster to business as usual.

Monevo’s award-winning technology helps you find the short term lending that you need.

When Short Term Lending Works

Short term loans UK can be set for duration as brief as 90 days. They are generally smaller than long term loans.  They act as an efficient, straightforward financial tool that can be used to alleviate a short term issue:

  • Need to meet an upcoming personal payment?
  • Is there an emergency you need to pay for?

Short term loans will come with higher rates than long term loans, and they often include stiff penalties if you miss a payment, so only take out a loan that you can repay. But, for borrowers in a temporary bind, they are an invaluable lifeline.

Applying for Short Term Loan

Applying for your necessary cash loans today couldn’t be easier. Short term loans UK are almost always unsecured loans. Lenders rely solely on your credit score, history and circumstances. This may also include your payment track record and possibly your cash flow history when determining if they want to lend to you.

Once you submit your free application through Monevo’s technology, Monevo will use their advanced technology to connect you with UK loan companies who are ready to offer you the best rates based on your situation. Keep in mind, short term rates are higher but with a shorter repayment time period, the overall interest you will pay may be lower than what you would pay with long term financing. Once a creditor accepts your application as one they would lend to, Monevo’s technology will forward you to that lender so you can finish your loan application with them.

Monevo and recommend to seek out as much information and advice before taking out any type of loan. Here’s a couple of sites to help you along the way: